English 100 Marks Bseb

Ideas that have Helped Mankind Objective Questions

Ideas that have Helped Mankind Objective

(1) Who got Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 ?

(A) Bertrand Russell 

(B) Zakir Hussain 

(C) M. Gandhiji   

(D) H.E. Bates

Answer (A)

(2) Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a….

(A) historian        

(B) Actor        

(C) geologist             

(D) politician

Answer (A)

(3) Bertrand Russell was born on ….

(A) 1872               

(B) 1862             

(C) 1850                      

(D)  1972

Answer (C)

(4) Bertrand Russell belonged to ….

(A) Britain            

(B) America      

(C) Germany              

(D) Italy

Answer (A)

(5) What thought us to be more friendly towards one another ?

(A) attitude       

(B) civilization          

(C) peace            

(D) progress

Answer (A)

(6) Civilization taught us………..

(A) to be friendly towards others        

(B) to be human

(C) to be unlawful                                  

(D) to be rude and cruel 

Answer (A)

(7) who wrote, ‘why I am not a Christian ?

(A) Bertrand Russell   

(B) M. Gandhi   

(C) Shiga Naoya  

(D) H.E. Bates

Answer (B)

(8) When was Bertrand Russell awarded with Nobel Prize in literature

(A) 1940            

(B) 1946                  

(C) 1950                    

(D) 1960

Answer (A)

(9) The English give an elderly……….. an old age pension ?

(A) man             

(B) elephant           

(C) dog                     

(D) animal 

Answer (D)

(10) In …………….. the last step was never taken.

(A) India            

(B) China                

(C) Germany             

(D) France

Answer (A)

(11) Russell was awarded Nobel Prize for—

(A) philosophy 

(B) literature         

(C) medicine             

(D) economics

Answer (C)

(12) Which creatures has die of hunger in large numbers during the winter?

(A) birds             

(B) animals           

(C) human beings      

(D) plants

Answer (C)

(13) Bertrand Russell belonged to………

(A) Britain          

(B) Ireland            

(C) Iceland                  

(D) Germany 

Answer (A)

(14) When did Russell die ?

(A) 1960           

(B) 1968                 

(C) 1970                      

(D) 1980

Answer (C)

(15) We are able to get variety of enjoyment due to-

(A) our intelligence 

(B) our riches

(C) our physical strength


Answer (B)

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