English 100 Marks Bseb

A Pinch of Snuff Objective Questions

A Pinch of Snuff Objective

(1) Nanu Kaka was coming to Delhi to see some…………

(A) ministers        

(B) doctors   

(C) friends                   

(D) governors

Answer (A)

(2) ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is a ………….
(A) novel           

(B) poem            

(C) short story              

(D) essay

Answer (C)

(3) who doesn’t see people for weeks-months ?

(A) teachers     

(B) Businessman  

(C) ministers            

(D) engineers

Answer (C)

(4) who took A Pinch of snuff ?

(A) Manohar malgaonkar   

(B) Nanu Kaka  

(C) Rahman     

(D) John

Answer (B)

(5) who has a garnish yellow sport car ?

(A) Ratiram     

(B) Sohanlal    

(C) Matiram          

(D) Ghoturam

Answer (A)

(6) Nanu Kaka was the………..of Manohar malgaonkar’s mother.

(A) brother           

(B) father      

(C) sister             

(D) son     

Answer (A)

(7) Manohar malgaonkar was the ………..on probation.

(A) secretary             

(B) Under Secretary

(C) chief secretary         

(D) joint secretary

Answer (B)

(8)………. went to the Minister’s office in Jodhpur court.

(A) Manohar malgonkar     

(B) Devanlal Ratiram 

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain          

(D) Mahatma Gandhi

Answer (A)

(9) For what purpose had Nanu Kaka come to Delhi ?

(A) For attending zamindars convention  

(B) for paying the  debt

(C) for writing an application           

(D) for taking a rest

Answer (A)

(10) Portfolio of the Minister is the 

(A) Welfare        

(B) home     

(C) railway           

(D) Finance

Answer (A)

(11) Nanukaka was a very …………. man.
(A) food             

(B) stupid           

(C) honest           

(D) clever

Answer (D)

(12) When was Manohar Malgaonkar born ?
(A) 1917           

(B) 1915             

(C) 1916               

(D) 1913

Answer (D)

(13) Nanukaka went to see the minister in a
(A) bus            

(B) taxi            

(C) private car            

(D) plane

Answer (C)

(14) Nanukaka was to stay for ……………….
(A) four or five days                  

(B) three or four days

(C) two or three days               

(D) a week

Answer (C)

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