English 100 Marks Bseb

12th english chapter 2 subjective questions bihar board

Song of Myself Subjective

  1. Who is the speaker in the poem and how old is he ?

Ans. The poet himself is the speaker in the poem and now he is 37 years old .

2 . What is the theme of the poem ?

Ans. There are many themes of the poem because it’s a very long poem . The poet is giving here the messages of unity , universal brotherhood , freedom of speech , egoism and so on .

  1. Where does he like to rest ?

Ans . The poet has found a new way to hangout . He likes to sit on the spear of summer grass . He observe this wonderful life there .

  1. What has formed the speaker’s blood ?

Ans . The speaker’s blood is made up of American soil and air .

5 . What does the poet meant by ‘ Hoping to cease not till death ‘ ?

Ans . The poet wants to say that he is 37 years right now .And he hopes that he will be as healthy as he is right now till his last breathe .

6 . What similarities does the poet draw between two human being ?

Ans . The poet says that all the human being of the world is same because they all are made of the same atom of blood .

7 . What does the poet want to do with his creeds ?

Ans. The poet tells his countrymen to suspend his belief for a while and to enjoy a new democratic way of life . But he himself says that they people won’t do so .

8 . What does the poet mean by ‘ Nature without check with original energy ‘ ?

Ans . The poet means to say that the nature is going with its full swing and there is no one to check it . It is always dynamic and regular .And it is as it should be .

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