English 100 Marks Bseb

I Have a Dream Objective Questions

I Have a Dream Objective

(1) The bank of justice is ……………

(A) bankrupt         

(B) highway     

(C) staggered             

(D) struggled

Answer (A)

(2) Nobel prize for Peace was given to Martin Luther King Jr. in 

(A) 1964               

(B) 1965           

(C) 1966                      

(D) 1966

Answer (A)

(3) Martin Luther King, Jr. died in-

(A) 1978              

(B) 1958            

(C) 1968                     

(D) 1948

Answer (C)

(4) Martin Luther King Jr. belonged to ……

(A) The USA       

(B) Britain           

(C) Germany              

(D) France

Answer (A)

(5) Martin Luther King Jr. was a ………..

(A) Negro          

(B) American      

(C) French                 

(D) German

Answer (A)

(6) Martin Luther King, Jr. born in —

(A) 1929            

(B) 1829              

(C) 1629                      

(D) 1939

Answer (A)

(7) Let us not wallon in the valley of………

(A) hope             

(B) despair        

(C) greed                   

(D) poverty

Answer (B)

(8) To which state does he want to see as a developed state ?

(A) Alabama      

(B) Tennesse    

(C) Texas                   

(D) Alaska

Answer (A)

(9) I have a dream is ………. 

(A) an essay      

(B) a drama        

(C) a short story     

(D) a speech

Answer (D)

(10) Who was influenced by Gandhiji ?

(A) Martin Luther King Jr.            

(B) Dr Zakir Hussain 

(C) Bertrand Russell                      

(D) H.E. Bates

Answer (A)

(11) I Have a Dream is written by………..

(A) Mahatma Gandhi                    

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(C) Martin Luther King Jr.             

(D) H.E. bates

Answer (C)

(12) Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his speech in Washington DC on August …….

(A) 25, 1963       

(B) 12, 1964        

(C) 28, 1963         

(D) 28, 1965

Answer (C)

(13) who was one of the greatest orators in American history ?

(A) Martin Luther King Jr.              

(B) Mahatma Gandhi 

(C) Dr. Zakir Husain                         

(D) H.E.Bates

Answer (A)

(14) Through his speech, the author supports the struggle of the

(A) Americans      

(B) Red Indians        

(C) Negroes          

(D) British

Answer (C)

(15) Martin Luther King, Jr. was a —

(A) artist      

(B) civil rights activists   

(C) scientist      

(D) philosopher

Answer (B)

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