English 100 Marks Bseb

A Marriage Proposal Objective Questions

A Marriage Proposal Objective

(1) Lomov was the…………. of choobookov.

(A) neighbour       

(B) friend         

(C) enemy          

(D) sister 

Answer (A)

(2) …..…..is the daughter of choobookov.

(A) matalia           

(B) Natalia       

(C) Ratalia             

(D) Satalia 

Answer (B)

(3) Lomov is …………..years old.

(A) 30           

(B) 32           

(C) 35             

(D) 36 

Answer (C)

(4) Anton Chekhov  began his career by writing ……….

(A) drama        

(B) poetry        

(C) comic scratches           

(D) novels 

Answer (C)

(5) Anton Chekhov was a ……….. by professtion.

(A) Teacher         

(B) Doctor         

(C)  Judge           

(D) Poet

Answer (B)

(6) Natalia and……… are quarrelling for Ox Meadows.

(A) Choobookov       

(B) Lomov        

(C) Romov          

(D) Nomov

Answer (B)

(7) Who was the youngest aunt of lomov ?

(A) Nastalia           

(B) Mastalia            

(C) Rastalia            

(D) Bistalia

Answer (A)

(8) R.K. Narayan has written ………..

(A) A pinch of Snuff 

(B) The guide  

(C) Train to Pakistan   

(D) Savitri 

Answer (B)

(9) A Marriage Proposal is written by……..

(A) Anton Chekhov

(B) Pearl S buck 

(C) H.E. bates

(D) Dorothy L

Answer (A)

(10) …………was a dramatist and short story writer of Russia.

(A) Anton Chekhov 

(B) Pearl S. Buck  

(C) Russell  

(D) Shoga Naoya

Answer (A)

(11) How old is Natalia ?

(A) Twenty years  

(B) Twenty-one  

(C) Twenty-eight 

(D) Twenty-five

Answer (D)

(12) How did Choobokoov react when he comes to know that Lamov wants to marry Natalia ?

(A) Happy            

(B) Sad          

(C) Angry        

(D) Thoughtful

Answer (A)

(13) Anton Chekhov was born in-

  1. A) 1850   

(B) 1860             

(C) 1855            

(D) 1865

Answer (B)

(14) When did Anton Chekhov die ?

(A) 1889               

(B) 1901               

(C) 1902             

(D) 1904

Answer (D)

(15) A person who acquires land in any way possible is called—

(A) impertinent  

(B) land-grabber   

(C) quibbler    

(D) None of these

Answer (B)    

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