English 100 Marks Bseb

The Artist Objective Questions

The Artist Objective

(1) Shiga Naoya has written the story—

(A) The Earth        

(B) The Artist        

(C) None        

(D) A Pinch of Snuff        

Answer (B)

(2) The artist is………….

(A) an essay          

(B) a poetry       

(C) a short story         

(D) a drama 

Answer (C)

(3) When was Shiga Naoya born ?

(A) 1873               

(B) 1884                

(C) 1883                  

(D) 1882

Answer (C)

(4) Seibei was a ……………. Japanese boy.

(A) 10 years old   

(B) 11 years old  

(C) 12 years old  

(D) 13 years old

Answer (C)

(5) Who is the main character of ‘The Artist’ ?

(A) Shiga Naoya          

(B) Sebi            

(C) Seibei          

(D) An old man

Answer (C)

(6) Gourd is a ………………

(A) fruit                 

(B) vegetable          

(C) Grain          

(D) sweets 

Answer (A)

(7) Who used to polish the gourd under his desk in the classtime ?

(A) Seibei             

(B) Meibei           

(C) Reibei           

(D) Seibei’s friend 

Answer (A)

(8) who was scolded for painting pictures ?

(A) Seibei      

(B) Reibei       

(C) Seibei’s sisters      

(D) Seibei’s brothers 

Answer (A)

(9) Shiga Naoya  is a ………….. writer.

(A) Japanese        

(B) Chinese         

(C) Indian        

(D) Bhutanese

Answer (A)

(10) Seibei hobby was collecting of ……….

(A) lady’s finger        

(B) Parwal       

(C) pumpki        

(D) gourds

Answer (D)

(11) The Artist is written by ……

(A) Germaine Greer 

(B) Shiga Naoya  

(C) John Donne 

(D) H.E. Bates

Answer (B)

(12) Who smashed Seibei’s gourds to pieces.

(A) his father      

(B) his mother        

(C) his sister       

(D)  his brother

Answer (A)

(13) Seibi lived in a ………… 

 (A) village           

(B) city             

(C) slum area            

(D) harbour town

Answer (D)

(14) The teacher, who caught Seibi doing with gourd in the class—

(A) appreciated him 

(B) depreciated  

(C) awarded   

(D) punished him

Answer (D)

(15) Seibei reads at …………… school.

(A) primary          

(B) high              

(C) middle             

(D) + 2 School 

Answer (A)

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