English 100 Marks Bseb

English class 12 chapter 5 subjective

Ideas that have Helped Mankind Subjective

  1. How with modern civilization the means of enjoyment increased ?

Ans – The means of enjoyment such as poetry,music, wine, football became available to us with the growth of civilization. But the question is whether they have made us happier than earlier.

  1. How has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another ?

Ans – Civilization gave us family life. We began to live in families and love our children and respect the elders. We also started being fond of domesticated animals. All this made us to be friendly towards one another.

  1. What was the condition of man in the beginning ?

Ans – His condition was misereable. He led nomadic life. He lived in caves and jungles. He was afraid of wild animals. He did not know how to prepare his food.

  1. What was the role of fire in our development ?

Ans – The invention of fire proved a milestone in our development. We began to fry our food. It acquainted us with creating light in darkness and protecting us from wild animals. Later on, it resulted in the art of cookery.

  1. How did the domestication of animals start ?

Ans – The domestication of animals started under the influence of religion and the needs of agricultural and family life.

  1. Has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another ?

Ans – Yes , the Civilization has taught us to be more friendly towards one another . This is also the way of demarcation between a human being and an animal . It has taught us to think about our elders and the downtrodden people of the society . By doing so we become civilized .

  1. How did the invention of fire prove to be a milestone in human progress ?

Ans – Before the invention of fire the ancient man had to live horrifying with wild beasts in the jungle . They were so uncivilized that they used to consume the raw flesh . They had to sustain even in shivering cold . But the invention of fire proved to be a milestone for him . It completely changed their life .

  1. What has civilization taught us ?

Ans – Civilization has taught us to be friendly towards each other whether in a herd or outside the herd . In the context of this chapter it has taught us to support our elder ones that they could survive easily . It has taught us to be humane towards everyone .

  1. In which respect has the human not progressed at all ?

Ans – The writer explains it very logically that a mouse who eats the bread crumb from an intellectual’s table while he snoozes is happier than that intellectual gentleman who enjoys a secure income and owns a plate full of meal in front of him .

  1. what makes the glory of man ?

Ans – The only thing which distinguishes a man from an animal is his intellectual and moral qualities . These qualities account for the glory of man . If a man had not possessed these qualities he would be parallel to brutes .

  1. What is the difference between congenital skill and acquired skill ?

Ans – The skill which a person owns naturally since his childhood . He has not to strive for it at all like -hair colour , muscle structure , shape of face , complexion etc. And acquired skill is that which a person learns here ; like – riding , swimming , playing a game etc.

  1. In how many parts has Russell divided the ideas ?

Ans – Bertrand Russell has divided the ideas into two parts . The first that contribute to knowledge and techniques and the the second that is concerned with moral and politics .

  1. What are those ideas which helped mankind ?

Ans – These are the following ideas which helped mankind with the passage of time – 1. numbers 2.language 3.utilization of fire 4.taming of animals 5.Agriculture 6. Arts of writing

  1. What do you know about Bertrand Russell ?

Ans – Bertrand Russell was a philosopher , mathematician , historian , social activist and an eminent writer . He was born on 18 May 1872 and died on 2 February 1970. He also received the Nobel prize for literature in 1950.He has audaciously written on various topics like marriage , politics , religion , science , sex and many more . His important works are – Roads to freedom , why I am not a Christian etc.

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