English 100 Marks Bseb

Song of Myself Objective Questions

Song of Myself Objective

  1. Who composed/wrote “Song of Myself”? 

(A) John Donne     

(B) Walt Whitman 

(C) Kamala Das

(D) None

Answer (B)

  1. Walt Whitman composed ………. 

(A) Snake

(B) Fire Hymn 

(C) Song Of My Self

(D) None

Answer (C)

  1. Walt whitman was born in …….. and died in …….

(A) 1819, 1892

(B) 1816, 1971 

(C) 1819, 1997

(D) None

Answer (A)

  1. The poet “Walt Whitman” sings for …… 

(A) himself

(B) public 

(C) others

(D) Beloved

Answer (A)

  1. “Leaves of Grass: is a collection of poetry written by ………. .

(A) W.H. Auden

(B) Walt whitman 

(C) T.S. Eliot

(D) None

Answer (B)

  1. Walt Whitman says that he is …….years old and he is healthy.

(A) 37

(B) 39

(C) 48

(D) None

Answer (A)

  1. What does the poet observe in Summer? 

(A) spear of grass

(B) injection 

(C) fruit of a tree

(D) Nails

Answer (A)

  1. Who is the speaker in “Song of Myself” ? / Who sings the song of life ?

(A) The poet (Walt Whitman)

(B) Singer 

(C) actor

(D) None

Answer (A)

  1. What does the poet do in “Song of Myself”? 

Or, The poet in “Song of Myself” ……. for himself.

(A) plays

(B) sings

(C) weeps

(D) None

Answer (B)

  1. Who is “I” in the poem “song of myself”? 

(A) The poet(Walt Whitman)

(B) A villager

(C) A new person

(D) a listener

Answer (A)

  1. ‘I celebrate myself, and sing myself 

Or, I harbour far good or bad 

Or, My tongue, every atom of…….is from: 

(A) Snake

(B) My Grandmother’s House

(C) The Soldier

(D) Song of Myself

Answer (D)

  1. The line “I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin.” has been taken from the poem …….. . 

(A) Ode to Autumn

(B) An Epitaph 

(C) Song of Myself

(D) Fire-Hymn

Answer (C)

  1. ‘Hoping to cease not till death’ is a line from.

(A) Sweetest love I Do Not Goe

(B) Song of Myself

(C) The Soldier

(D) Fire-Hynm

Answer (B)

  1. Who says that every atom of blood is the same in all human beings? 

(A) Rupert Brooke

(B) T. S. Eliot 

(C) Walt Whitman

(D) D. H. Lawrence

Answer (C)

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