English 100 Marks Bseb

An Epitaph Objective Questions

An Epitaph Objective

  1. Walter De La Mare wrote/ composed …….

(a) The Song of Myself

(b) An Epitaph

(c) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

(d) The Soldier

Answer (B)

  1. Walter De La Mare was born in ………. and died in……..

(a) 1873,1956

(b) 1874,1923

(c) 1885,1937

(d) None of these

Answer (A)

  1. Walter De La Mare weeps bitterly and expresses sad feeling for a ……. .

(a) neighbour

(b) boy-friend

(c) Lady

(d) Wealth

Answer (C)

  1. Walter De La Mare was a famous …….

(a) War poet

(b) Children’s poet

(c) Romantic poet

(d) Nature poet

Answer (B)

  1. Who is lying in the grave ?

(a) a beautiful lady

(b) a beautiful girl

(c) an ordinary actress

(d) None

Answer (A)

  1. What is not permanent, but rare in the world ?

(a) beauty

(b) ugliness

(c) sadness

(d) hatred or love

Answer (A)

  1. Who is “I” in the poem “An Epitaph”?

(a) The Poet

(b) The lady

(c) The grave

(d) None

Answer (A)

  1. An Epitaph is a work refer to-

(a) inscription on a tomb

(b) inscription on a house

(c) inscription on a boundry

(d) None

Answer (A)

  1. In which country, such beautiful ladywas never born?

(a) East country

(b) West country

(c) South country

(d) North country

Answer (B)

  1. What vanishes or passes but rare in the west country?

(a) beauty

(b) body

(c) grave

(d) None

Answer (A)

  1. “She was the most beautiful lady”

Or “Beauty Vanishes, beauty passes”

“Such lady is rare is the west country”

is an expression in the poem ….. by…. .

(a) An Epitaph by Walter De La Mare

(b) A soldier by Rupert Brooke

(c) A snake by D.H. Lawrence

(d) None of these.

Answer (A)

  1. Who says ” When I crumble, who will remember?”

(a) The poet

(b) They lady

(c) Both of them

(d) None of these

Answer (A)

  1. Who will remember when I Crumble (die) ? has been taken from –

(a) An Epitaph

(b) Fire-Hymn

(c) The snake

(d) None

Answer (A)

  1. The poet says that nobody will …… her after his death.

(a) laugh

(b) call

(c) invite

(d) remember

Answer (D)

  1. Who was ‘light of step and heart’?

(A) a beautiful lady

(B) an ugly lady

(C) an old lady

(D) a mad lady

Answer (A)

  1. Walter de la Mare makes us aware of the …………..

(A) inhuman conditions of modern life.

(B) poverty

(C) dreams

(D) London life

Answer (A)

  1. The line, ‘I think she was the most beautiful lady’ is from

(A) Snake

(B) Fire Hymn

(C) To Autumn

(D) An Epitaph

Answer (D)

  1. ………. is an inscription on a tomb in the memory of the dead.

(A) An Epitaph

(B) Song of Myself

(C) Macavity

(D) Fire-Hymn

Answer (A)

  1. Where does the lady lie.

(A) graveyard

(B) bed

(C) park

(D) hotel

Answer (A)

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