English 100 Marks Bseb

English class 12 Chapter 8 subjective

How Free is the Press Subjective

  1. What do you mean by the term ‘ free press ?

Ans – Free press means a press where there is no pressure of government officials . A media house must be free to ask an intervene in the political structure for the sake of country’s Pride

  1. What do you mean by Garbling ?

Ans – In general garbling means the act by which something is garbled or confused . In Journalism it means to give a distort or confused version of what the interviewed person says.

  1. What do you mean by Caesarism ?

Ans – The autocratic system of government is called Caesarism . It is an accepted term for a form of regime in which the state is ruled by a dictator . The ruler has an unrestricted power . In real , the whole power of state lies in the dictator.

  1. What is miracle – mongering ?

Ans – It is an intentional spreading of stories of someone’s outstanding achievement whereas the realities different . Here , the publish exaggerates the event to draw the public’s attention .

  1. What are the two chief factors which control the editorial policy of a popular daily newspaper ?

Ans – The editorial policy of a popular daily newspaper is controlled by two chief factors ; the first is the advertisers the second is the owner of that Publication .

  1. Who is the master- the state or the people in a democracy ?

Ans – In a democracy , the state is considered to be the servant, not the master . In democracy , people are said to be the master . The people elect their representatives for their service . Democracy is that form of government , which is of the people , for the people , by the people .

  1. Name two sources of revenue newspapers usually survive on .

Ans – Among the two sources of revenue of newspaper the primary source is advertising . And the other sources include providing news to other agencies and sale of scrap paper .

  1. What do you mean by censorship ?

Ans – The policy where the government officials suppress the circulation of any news . The government does not want it to go in public . This is done because the government thinks the news would be inconvenient to them . This is also a form of dictatorship . Because the government wants all the media houses in her control .

  1. Is press free everywhere ?

Ans –  Speaking candidly , press is not free everywhere . Somewhere it’s free to a large extent , even that it can intervene the political structure and diplomacy of the country . But somewhere it faces censorship of the government . Somewhere it faces Caesarism .

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