English 100 Marks Bseb

English class 12 Chapter 9 subjective

The Earth Subjective

  1. What were the changes that occurred in the house after Benjy got married to Florence ?

Ans – After Benjy got married to Florence there was a  disturbance in the house. Her relations with Benjy’s mother was bitter . They did not like each other . Gradually Benjy’s mother felt she was taking him away from her . There was quarrel every time . Later they had to live in separate portions of the house . Finally , Benji told his parents to leave the house and go somewhere else.

  1. Did Benjy treat his parent justly ?

Ans – No, Benjy did not treat his parents justly . He treated them most unjustly and unsympathetically . Whereas their parents made every sacrifice for him . They paved his future . They started his business , saved money for him . But Benjy was never grateful to them . They forgave Benjy because they had always believed he was not right in his mind . But at the end , Benjy drove them out of the house and left them alone on a strange pavement .

3 . What were the whole possession of Johnson?

Ans All the possessions that Johnson had was a , a two – wheeled cart , some tools, a Bony brown mare . He had a four acre plot . Indeed , he had a simple – minded son named Benjy .

  1. What did the doctor advise Benjy’s parents to ensure his mental growth ?

Ans When Benjy’s parents felt that he is not quite like others they took him to a doctor . The doctor Convinces them that the boy needs some interest to strengthen his mind to help a great deal to feed his sense of responsibility . Finally , the doctor advised that you are the people on the land . So , let him keep hens .

  1. Who was Florence ? How does She affect Benjy’s life ?

Ans Florence was one of the appointed employees in his farm . She was an ugly and undistinguished girl but very diligent . Benjy wanted the same girl . One day she bends down to clean the chicken houses , Benjy saw her cleavage and he caught her about the waist. Besides hens she had any other interest for the first time . Soon Benjy announced he and Florence would marry . As time passes , she completely daunted over Benjy . Even that she took him away from his parents .

  1. Sketch the character of Benjy .

Ans Benjy is the central figure of the story The Earth . He had large loose Limbs , thick soft hair on his face . In the first glance he seemed to be simple hearted as well as simple minded . He had blue eyes but there was cunningness behind his innocent – looking blue eyes . His selfishness and cunningness came to light as he grew older . Benjy’s only interest was in his hens . He Knew everything about his business . He became a shrewd businessman . He had no emotion , affection or kindness . For him everything was his business . He married to his maid Florence only because he felt she could help him in his business . He even throws out his parents out of his house .

  1. Sketch the character of Johnson.

Ans Johnson was a tenant farmer . All that he had a plough , a two wheeled cart , some tools and a bony brown mare . He was very idle . He was also a local preacher and on Sundays he liked to talk to the congregations . He always had a soft corner for his simple – minded son . It seems that he is also a believer in God but does not want to do something on his own . He thinks that somehow , he would recover from his hardships .

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