English 100 Marks Bseb

English class 12 Chapter 2 subjective

Bharat is My Home Subjective

  1. long did Dr.Zakir Husain live?

Ans – Dr.Zakir Husain lived for 72 years. He was born in 8 February  1897 and died in 3 May 1969.

  1. On what occasion did Zakir Hussain deliver this speech ?

Ans – He delivered this speech in 1967 after taking the Oath as president . This is his first speech as the President of India.

  1. Why is Zakir Hussain overwhelmed ?

Ans – He is overwhelmed by the trust his people have placed in him by electing him to the highest office in the land.

  1. What does Zakir Hussain feels while assuming the charge of presidency ?

Ans – Zakir Hussain feels greatly obliged to the people of the country and enters this office in a spirit of prayful humility and total dedication .

  1. The past is not dead and static ‘ who says this and why ?

Ans – It is Dr. Zakir Hussain who says that the past is not dead and static . In his view , past is alive and dynamic . It determines the quality of our present and the prospects of our future . India is a new state of ancient people . He says so to highlight the importance of Indian culture based on the principle of unity amidst diversity .

  1. Why does Dr.Zakir Husaine call India “the young State of an ancient people”?

Ans – Dr.Zakir Husain called India “The Young State of an ancient people”. It is so because our past is not dead and static. If is alive and dynamic. Our ancient culture is alive and we can make our future on the basis of our ancient people’s blessings.

  1. On what occasion Dr.Zakir Hussain expressed his view through his address, “India is my Home”?

Ans – Dr Zakir Hussain expressed this view after taking oath as President of India.

  1. What does he expres in his speech he delivered after taking the oath of the president of India?

Ans – He pledges himself to the loyalty of our past culture.

  1. What is the idea of Dr.Zakir Hussain about education?

Ans – In Dr Hussain’s opinion about education is that it is a prime instrument of National Purpose.

  1. What is the business of education?

Ans – The business of education should be the growth of national culture and national character.

  1. What did Dr. Zakir Husain pledge himself to?

Ans – Dr.Zakir Husain pledged himself to the loyalty of our past culture. He pledged himself to the service of totality to our country’s culture. He pledged his loyalty to his country irrespective of religion or language. The whole Bharat is his home. So, he pledged to work for the welfare of the people of the country.

  1. What is Dr. Zakir Hussain’s Concept of education ?

Ans- According to Doctor Zakir Hussain , education is the prime instrument for National purpose . He also admits that he has been elected to the highest office just because of his long association with education .

  1. On what occasion did Dr.Zakir Husain deliver this speech?

Ans – Dr.Zakir Husain delivered this speech in 1967 after taking the oath as president of India.

  1. What did Dr. Radhakrishnan bring to the presidency ?

Ans- Dr. Radhakrishnan brought to the presidency a mental equipment . He was always busy in the pursuit of Knowledge and truth .

  1. What are the two aspects of work that Dr. Zakir Hussain see ?

Ans- The two aspects of work that Dr. Zakir Hussain see are (a) Individual and (b) Social. He says that if we want to taste a new flavour of progress then we shall have to work on both these spheres. Man and society both are complement to each other .

  1. What does Zakir Hussain mean by ‘ the past is not dead and static ‘ ?

Ans- During speech Dr. Zakir Hussain say that past is not dead and static it is alive and dynamic. By these words he wants to show the importance of past . It means we had a glorious past and rich tradition of our ancestors . And we should not forget those values and to keep our journey continue along with those lines .

  1. What Oath did Dr. Zakir Hussain take ?

Ans- He pledges that he will always be loyal towards his people . He will protect India’s rich culture and its constitution . He takes oath that he will work without any distinction of caste , , colour , creed , religion and language etc.

  1. When and Where was he born ? How long did he live ?

Ans- He was born in 1897 in Hyderabad . And he died in in 1969. He lived for 72 years .

  1. Why is Zakir Hussain overwhelmed ?

Ans- The President is the constitutional head of our country India . So after being elected on this designation Dr Zakir Hussain is overwhelmed . He also thanks Indian for electing him to this highest rank. He is emotional here .

  1. In what context does Dr Zakir Hussain says ‘ Bharat is my home ‘ ?

Ans- Actually in our Indian Constitution , the president of India is the Constitutional head of our country. So, he naturally he became the head of our country . And after saying that whole of Bharat is my home he wants to show his emotion and affection towards Indian that he will work as their Chief and for its strength and beauty .

  1. Why does Zakir Hussain say India ‘ the young state of an ancient people ?

Ans- He says India a young state of ancient people because India has got independence just few years ago so the state is new and its people are inclined towards its own ancient values . So he calls it an young state of ancient people

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