English 100 Marks Bseb

The Earth Objective Questions

The Earth Objective

(1) Johnson was a poor…………

(A) teacher              

(B) doctor 

(C) carpenter          

(D) farmer 

Answer (D)

(2) What did the doctor advise the Johnsons couple for the mental growth or development of the mind of their only son ?

(A) To marry him                    

(B) Seek some treatment

(C) Give some occupation    

(D) Send to study

Answer (C)

(3) Benjy parents did not like …………. because of grey eyes.

(A) Mary                  

(B) Florence 

(C) Rekha                

(D) Sikha 

Answer (B)

(4) Benjy was the son of ……..

(A) John                  

(B) Johnson 

(C) George              

(D) Charles 

Answer (B)

(5) …….……was the real owner of the land.

(A) sanders             

(B) landers 

(C) randers              

(D) menders

Answer (A)

(6) Benjy got a passbook having pretty money in bank, when he was of the age-

(A) Eighteen                   

(B) Twenty

(C) Twenty-one               

(D) Thirty

Answer (C)

(7) H.E. Bates  belonged to……………

(A) France                

(B) Germany 

(C) Austria               

(D) Britain

Answer (D)

(8) who was not right in his head  ?

(A) Sanjay                 

(B) Ranjay 

(C) Benjy                   

(D) Manjay

Answer (C)

(9) who said, You are people on the land ?

(A) The doctor            

(B) The teacher 

(C) The Preacher       

(D) The adviser

Answer (A)

(10) Benjy had left school at age of ………..

(A) 14                     

(B) 15 

(C) 16                     

(D) 13 

Answer (A)

(11) The Earth is written by ………

(A) Pearl S buck           

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(C) Mahatma Gandhi   

(D) H.E. Bates

Answer (D)

(12) Benjy wanted to marry ?

(A) Clorence               

(B) Florence

(C) Rupani                  

(D) None of these

Answer (B)

(13) The Johnsons’ son was-

(A) insane                 

(B) blind

(C) lame                    

(D) simple

Answer (D)

(14) Benjy purchased land from –

(A) Sanders              

(B) Meanders

(C) Randers              

(D) None of these

Answer (A)

(15) Florence later on became the wife of

(A) Benjy’s friend    

(B) Benjy

(C) Ranjay                 

(D) None of these

Answer (B)

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